Pay Per Click (PPC) services

pay-per-click-bangalorePPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) is a campaign directly directing traffic to a website. It is a fast method as business ads are published when searched for a particular keyword. It's more like advertising on relevant keyword to attract target audience and you pay for only the times your ad has been clicked. It's cheap and fast to get target audience to your website. Jootoor Design is an effective PPC management company offering you best and reliable services.

A structured and well managed campaign confirms to achieve a good position in a cost efficient manner. Our PPC management ensures to get efficient keyword research and management that will show you success results as per requirements.

Gain Quality Traffic PPC Way

Pay Per Click (PPC)

How Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

PPC is a complex process and success rate depends upon how well your keywords are analyzed and justified on the bid price. PPC advertising is extremely logical and traceable. If you are running a PPC campaign you must be aware of the Keyword and their relevance to your subject. It must follow logical approach starting with the keywords, continuing with ad content copyrighting and concludes in with your landing page. Each element must correlate with each other or else you may lose an impact you require for a better customer engagement.

Our Approach

We at Jootoor Design are very careful to provide our customers only Quality and thus work on our approach to attain best results for your campaign. Our PPC campaign approach is highly systematic and aims to target only the traffic specific to your relation encouraging growth.

  • Keyword Selection – Our professionals start in process of keyword selection choose the most appropriate keywords best for your campaign
  • Budget determination – Then in next phase we determine the budget to allocate the campaign. It depends on the company as to what they want to spend on advertising.
  • Ad Creation – Once the above processes are through we develop a highly professional Ad to attract target customers. There are several guidelines to advertisement development of PPC but our staff is proficient in creating effective advertisements useful for such campaigns.
  • Bid Placement – Pay per click works on a bidding system based on how much a company wish to pay for keyword to which the Ad is made visible in search engine so accordingly maximum bid is made by the company.
  • Campaign Review – The great feature of running a PPC campaign is the ability to monitor campaign. As it is simple and traceable, businesses using services of PPC management company can effectively keep a track of the campaign.
  • Monitoring and Result – We careful evaluate as PPC advertising services offers benefits to individually evaluated keywords and view results attained from them attracting and adding new customers.

To reach maximum approach we put in our greatest efforts for a successful campaign. Gain quality traffic and better visibility with our PPC management services.